The Laboratory was established in 1984 on the base of research station which had been founded in 1973. The chief of the Laboratory was P.A. Anishin, senior researcher, Candidate of the Agricultural Sciences. Today the laboratory is under the guidance of N.A. Druzhinin, Doctor of the of the Agricultural Sciences.

The main directions of research:
  • Development of methods of required quality forests growing including accelerated formation of spruce forests on sites of secondary deciduous forests;
  • Swamped forests productivity increase.

The laboratory developed state diagnostics of forests damaged with fires and methods of forestry conduction in such forests. Also there were specified forest and forest management zoning of forest of the European North. Forestry-economic rates of even-aged and uneven-aged stands were studied. Genetic refuges in the forests of Vologda region were marked out. Methods of spruce stands recovery on the sites of secondary deciduous forests were developed. Also silvicultural efficiency of swamped forests draining in the region was defined, and recommendations for determination of draining nets lifetime and maintenance were elaborated.

Address: Gorky str., 83a, Vologda, 160000.