Nikolai Andreevich Druzhinin

Chief of NRIF Vologda Regional Laboratory, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor.

Candidate`s Thesis theme: “Influence of groundwater condition on productivity of pine stands on peaty soils of Central Ural”, Doctor`s Thesis theme: “Forestry-ecological justification of forestry conduction in drained forests”.

Scientific interests: forest exploitation, non-wood forest production, hydrotechnical reclamation.

Scientific achievements, awards: jubilee medal “20 years of victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945”, breastplate “For conservation and replenishment of forest resources of Russia”.

The main publications (112):
a) Educational and methodical publications:
• N.A. Druzhinin, F.N. Druzhinin, L.V. Zarubina. Forestry: practical policies. Vologda-Molochnoe, 2009. (58/40 p.)
• E.N. Pilipko, N.A. Druzhinin. Landscaping: practical policies for laboratory studies on speciality 250100 “Forest mangement”. Vologda-Molochnoe, 2011. (68/20 p.)
• I.V. Evdokimov, N.A. Druzhinin. Non-wood forest production: practical policies for laboratory studies on speciality 250201.65 “Forestry” and training direction 250100 “Forest management”. Vologda-Molochnoe, 2011.
б) scientific publications:
• V.S. Vernodubenko, N.A. Druzhinin, V.K. Konstantinov. Characteristics of radial increment of pine forests on peat soils// News of S.-Petersburg Forestry Engineering Academy, issue # 194., 2011 (5/2 p.)
• N.A. Druzhinin, F.N. Druzhinin, A.S. Pestovskiy, A.S. Novoselov. Intravital and accessory use of drained forests in Vologda region (monofraph). ”. Vologda-Molochnoe, 2011. (192/48 p.)