The Northern Forest Experimental Station (the Northern FES) (st. Obozerskaya, Arkhangelsk region) is heiress of the first centre of forest science in the North – the Northern Experimental Lesnichestvo established in 1910 and led by S.V. Alekseev on the initiative of famous Russian foresters M.M. Orlov and A.I. Tarashkevich. Later an experimental group (research part) headed by S.V. Alekseev was formed from the forestry personnel. In 1948 the group was reorganized into the Northern Forest Experimental Station. Since 1965 the station is a part of Arkhangelsk Institute of Forest and Forest Chemistry (now the Northern Research Institute of Forestry); the station was under the guidance of V.M. Zharikov for about 30 years.

Experimental and research work of the Northern FES is inseparably linked with the work of S.V. Alekseev, his closest companion-in-arms A.A. Molchanov, researchers L.E. Ershov, I.M. Stratonovich, S.K. Lebedev, V.M. Zharikov, A.I. Nefedova, G.A. Chibisov and others.

The Northern FES researchers developed methods of main forest exploitation cuttings and cleaning of felling areas, reforestation technologies and further thinning, carried out phenological and phytoclimatic observations and biological studies. Jointly with researchers of the institute, there were carried out studies on establishment of seed base on selection base.

Personnel of the station jointly with researchers of the institute participated in elaboration and introduction of practical guidelines on early diagnostics of hereditary properties of elite pine and spruce trees, on establishment of constant forest-seed pine sites on selection base. In the forests of our region there were selected about 500 elite trees, 100 of which were tested using the methods of early diagnostics. About 100 ha of seed orchards were founded, using grafts and progeny of plus trees. The Northern FES jointly with leshozes of Arkhangelsk Region carries out experimental- processing screening and introduction into production of the institute`s elaborations and promotes advanced experience and scientific achievements.

In the Obozerskaya Leshoz with participation of the Northern FES, there were established experimental objects of main forest exploitation cuttings (clear-felling with understory of coniferous species preservation), thinning (in pine and deciduous-spruce stands) and establishment of forest cultures.