Researchers of the institute actively collaborate with institutes and organizations of foreign countries.

Since 1997 our researchers actively participate in projects together with Finnish research organizations within the framework on Russian-Finnish Program of sustained forestry management and biodiversity conservation on the North-West of Russia: Forestry Department of Finland, Finland Forest Institute “Metla”, International Institute etc.

The institute took part in realization of the World Bank Pilot Project on the territory of Arkhangelsk region.

Since 2003 NRIF works on Russian-Scandinavian project “Larch” jointly with Forest Society Helgeland, Norway. Works on larch research was continued in the EU Program INTEREG “Northern Periphery” project “SibLarch” which was carried out in collaboration with research organizations and other institutions of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The first sites of geographical cultures were laid in Emtsa educational-experiment and Pinega leskhozes.

Researchers of our institute participated in development of international project EAN-SEABUCK “Establishment of European-Asian net for development of strategies of sustainable sea buckthorn use” which was financed by the 6th EU Framework Program. Member organizations of the project were: Technology-Transfer-Zentrum Bremerhaven, Germany (coordinator); NIG Nahrungs-Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, Germany; International Sea Buckthorn Research and Training Centre, China; and NRIF. During the project implementation, 5 five-day workshops were carried out in Russia, China and Uzbekistan, and also booklets on issues of cultivation, processing, production development, marketing and sea buckthorn products quality were prepared and published.
Research on Finnish-Russian project “Northern Coniferous Forests: from research to sustainable forest exploitation in Barents region” was conducted jointly with Finnish Forest Institute “Metla” which was financed by the Kolaric Program (Intereg-Tasis). The aim of the project is organization of transboundary specialists’ net, collection of scientific data on dynamics of the northern natural forests disturbance and receipt of new data for forestry conduction in Lapland and North-Western part of Russia according to principles of ecological resistance and biological diversity.

With the purpose of preservation and sustainable usage of forest genetic resources, the European EUFORGEN (Bioversity) Net was established in the activity of which our institute actively participates.

The institute collaborates on different project with World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Researchers of the institute take part in the work on development of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system on the territory of Russian Federation and on forest certification establishment and support by National Council.

The institute develops collaboration with Canada. There was developed a pilot project on sea buckthorn which was financed by "Partnerships for Tomorrow Program Phase II" Program.

Researchers of our institute visited Canada to get acquainted with the experience of development and functioning of the Canadian Model Forests net.

Simultaneously with researchers from Finland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany and Russia the institute participate (2009-2012) in development of the project “Wood Bark and Peat Based Bioactive Compounds, Speciality Chemicals, and Remediation Materials: from Innovations to Applications” which is financed by the 7th European Commission Frame Program

Researchers of the institute took part in international forums, symposiums, conferences and workshops.

NRIF Dendrological Garden maintains exchange connections with Russian and foreign botanical gardens and arboretums.