Dendrological Garden is a part of the system of Botanical Gardens Council of the Russian Science Academy which coordinated all introduction work in our country and a participant of the worldwide implementation of the International Agenda in support of plant concervation, environmental awareness and sustainable development (Botanical Gardens Conservation International). In 2003 the Garden was awarded with the diploma of M.V. Lomonosov Competition of research and introduction works.

The institute publishes and distributes a list of seeds which includes not only plants collected in the culture but also representatives of local flora from natural habitats of the region. The institute maintains connections with other science organizations in our country and abroad.

In recent years works on specification and restoration of species composition and collection rejuvenation are carried out.

Researchers of the Dendrological Garden participate in development of contractual themes and grants, take part in conferences and workshops, publish scientific and popular articles in books, magazines and mass-media. They provide theoretical and practical assistance in landscape gardening and selection of assortment of tree and shrub species for different practical purposes (land recultivation, struggle against weeds etc.).

On the base of the Dendrological Garden, conferences and workshops (including international) are carried out, also excursions for schoolchildren, students and professionals are conducted.

The Garden`s collection serves as a base for conduction of research works by graduate students, scientists of different research institutes and universities of our city and Russia. The collection is also used for conduction of practical training and material gathering for yearly projects and graduate works writing by students of universities and colleges.