Informational webinar on the New Barents Financial Mechanism to strengthen the Barents Euro-Arctic Council


An informational webinar on the New financial instrument to strengthen the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) was held on February 11, 2022, online. The scientific staff of the Northern Research Institute of Forestry took part in the work of the seminar.

The objective of the Barents Financial Mechanism (BFM) is to enable funding of projects in the Barents region. The mechanism shall contribute to developing the Barents region as a unique Arctic region based on sustainability and people-to-people contacts.

The mechanism shall enhance cross-border cooperation in line with the objectives set in the Kirkenes Declaration of 1993, subsequent ministerial declarations, and rotating chairmanships´ priorities. BFM shall contribute to the overall aim of the Barents cooperation to enhance stability, sustainable development and people-to-people contacts, taking into account the indigenous peoples.

All applicants must have status as legal entities. The Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) will decide whether funding can be granted to the following legal entities, including the lead applicant:

  • National, regional and local public authorities
  • Educational and research institutions
  • Associations
  • NGOs and non-profit organisations

Publication of calls for grant application will be conducted once a year. The CSO will, no later than three months prior to the publication of a call decide on the amount available, and at the same time decide on the total budget for grants in the following years call.

The project may last up to two years but may be extended to three years upon permission of the International Barents Secretariat (IBS) and based on reasonable grounds. The maximum grant per project proposal is EUR 40 000, however this amount can be exceeded in extraordinary cases. In an effort to make the mechanism easily available for all, only 10% co-funding is needed, and may consist of own contribution.

Grant applications must be submitted in English. More details can be found about the Barents Financial Mechanism on the BEAC website ( ).