Demidova Natalia Anatolievna

Deputy Director on Sciences

Candidate of Biological Sciences

Dissertation theme: Introduction of Hippophae rhamnoides L. for its horticultural use on the European North, specialty 03.00.05 Botany. Defended in 1997, Moscow, Main Botanic Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The main directions of research:
Tree and shrub introduction to the European North of Russia; sea buckthorn introduction and selection; biodiversity conservation; international collaboration in the sphere of forestry.

The most significant scientific results:
According to the results of studies of winter hardiness and qualitative characteristics of sea buckthorn fruits, 12 hybrid sea buckthorn forms were selected, 8 of them are notable for large fruit size and could be suggested as candidates for local sea buckthorn varieties. Collection of wood introduced plants was preserved and replenished. At present time collection fund of trees and shrubs numbers 586 species of 83 geneses of 29 families presented with 1135 specimens (6376 plants) of different geographical origin (Europe, Siberia, Far East, Central Asia, North America).

Career enhancement:
Training course in Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Forest Genetics, Uppsala in 1993-1994 (Sweden).

Participation in international symposiums, conferences and workshops: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, India, Austria, Poland, China, Ireland, Argentina, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Canada, Great Britain.

Number of scientific publications 73.
The most important publications for the last 5 years:
  1. Natalia Demidova. Traditional nature use in the Northern Forests. Sustainable use of taiga resources in the Barents Region. Arkhangelsk. 2002. P.22-25.
  2. Demidova N.A., Kolesnichenko T.L. 2003. Sea Buckthorn in the Arkhangelsk Region. In the book "Selection and introduction fruit-berry trees and shrubs". Nizhnyi Novgorod. P. 67-69.
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State, industry, regional awards:

26 of December 2008
Gratitude Letter from the Department of Forest Complex of the Arkhangelsk region for long term work in forestry, successes in research and increase of forest resources.

19 of September 2008.
Gratitude Letter from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation for long term work in forestry, successes in research and increase of forest resources.

Gratitude Letter from Department of Education and Sciences Arkhangelsk Regional Administration for organization and participation in Day of Russian Science.

Diploma of Lomonosovs Scientific Competition on environment conservation problems of the Arkhangelsk Region for Scientific work Unique collection of woody plants on the European North of Russia.

Participation in international projects:
  1. 2009-2011. Wood Bark and Peat as Raw Materials for Bioactive Compounds and Specialty Chemicals: from Innovations to Applications (ForestSpeCs). EU project. The aim of FORESTSPECS project is to utilize different type of wood residues from wood processing industry such as bark of various species, especially from Betula, Pinus, Picea, Larix and Populus, seeds, as well as peat as a raw material to produce the bioactive compounds and environmentally benign specialty chemicals. In addition to the specialty chemical applications, one of the major targets of the FORESTSPECS project is to find solutions for total usage of processed wood residues and peat, so that overall economic feasibility of the operations can be evaluated. (Project coordinator. Project management, participation in WG meetings, seminars, reports).
  2. July, 2008. Joint project with Food development Centre (Manitoba, Canada) and Atlantic Cool Climate Crop Research Centre Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) in application to Partnerships for Tomorrow Program Phase II. (PTP II). This joint program will present a great opportunity for Canadian scientists, researchers and new product developers to obtain long-established Russian experience in Sea buckthorn cultivar identification, development, growing, harvesting and processing of value added products for health and cosmetic applications. Furthermore, it provides Russian researchers with the opportunity to meet Canadian businesses and companies that have market established products in international markets. It is expected to achieve higher level of their competence and to establish a more productive communication links between Russian and Canadian colleagues. The Projects objectives include: facilitate cooperation and establish partnerships between Canadian and Russian research institutions in sea buckthorn research.
  3. 09.2006-09.2008. Northern Coniferous Forests Tools through research for the sustainable use of forests in the Barents Region. EU Tacis program according to the Grant Contract between METLA, Ko and EU Commissions Delegation in Moscow. The overall objective of this project is to apply cross-border joint research focusing on pristine forest areas in order to obtain in-depth knowledge supporting the sustainable use of forests in the Barents region and knowledge that can be applied in preventing conflicts related to the use of fragile sub-arctic northern forests. (Project coordinator). Project management, participation in WG meetings, seminars, reports.
  4. May, 2008. The Project Cycle Management course. Arranged by Finlands Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Helsinki, Finland).
  5. 01.08.2005-31.08.2007. Project: Establishment of European-Asian Network for the development of strategies to enhance the sustainable use of Sea Buckthorn (EAN-SEABUCK) Project leader on Russian side. (Sixth Framework Program (SSA)). Project partners: TTZ-Bremerhaven (Germany) - Project coordinator; NIG Nahrungs-Ingenieurtechnik GmbH (Germany; ICRTS International Centre for Research and Training on Sea Buckthorn (China) and Northern Research Institute of Forestry (Russia). Implementation of the project program; participation WG meetings. Definition of support requirements and identification of best available technologies.Assessment of actual situation of Sea Buckthorn business. Definition of required quality and safety standards. Development of training modules focused on the improvement of the joint sustainable utilization of Sea Buckthorn created by specialized work groups for different fields of activity: training module Sea buckthorn cultivation and harvesting technologies. Development of a Sea buckthorn manual. Organization of 5-day pilot training in Barnaul. Purpose of the training workshop was to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge to further train Sea Buckthorn farmers and processors on the latest technologies for cultivation, and harvesting; processing and product development; safety and quality management; marketing and commercialization. Participation in 5-day pilot training in Beijing. Organization of 5-day final training in Arkhangelsk and 1-day training in Samarkand (Uzbekistan). Project management, participation in WG meetings, reports, publications.

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