Research results application

Research results are applicated in the zone of the institute activity (Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Murmansk Regions and Komi Republic) in a form of science-technical documents. Documentation on taxation and forest management, cuttings and reforestation is introduced mostly. Our formed application system usually consists of several stages:
  1. Establishment of experimental plots in the forest using projects of worked out standards on different issues of forest management and timber processing industry;
  2. Analysis of scientific elaborations efficiency on experimental plots;
  3. Conduction of workshops (cluster, provincial, regional) or training for forest complex workers on stationary and experimental plots;
  4. Results of experimental assay usually are introduced by individual enterprises but if normative document was approved by Rosleskhoz bodies they are introduced more widely.

Results of experimental assay and application obtained in 2006-2007 are presented below.
1. Forest management of Kargopol leskhoz (Arkhangelsk region) was conducted according to regulations of “Guidance for forest management in drained forests”. The following elaborations were used:
  • Scheme of dynamic typology of drained forests;
  • Scales for valuation of drained forests, assessment of natural reproduction on drained lands, technical state of draining net, efficiency of forest draining and management measures purposes.

For cutting purposes and forest attendance, there were taken into account scientifically explained maturity ages of forests, types of age structure, recommended cutting methods and forest management requirements to its conduction.

2. In Arkhangelsk, Kotlas, Krasnoborsk, Ust`yany, Kholmogory, Yarensk leskhozes and several timber enterprises of Arkhangelsk Region, there is introduced “Guidance for conduction of cuttings of main forest exploitation and harvesting techniques using “Timberjack” harvesters” which underwent state ecological examination in Federal Service Department of Supervision and Nature Management Sphere of Arkhangelsk Region. Mentioned technology provides preservation of undergrowth of preliminary generations when assortment timber harvesting by clear, selective and gradual cuttings using multioperation machines.

Economic efficiency can count about 100 mln rub per year.

3. According to new State Standards (GOST), tables of growth rate, assortment and marketable tables of pine and spruce stands were made actual for North-Eastern forest taxation zone and included in the project of new forest taxation reference.
4. Holding of marketable, assortment and assortment -quality tables of birch and aspen stands with differentiation by taiga subzones and height categories.

Tables in p.3 and 4 were used on the whole cutting area for financial- money assessment and also for management of Vyiskiy and Kargopolskiy leskhozes.

5. Holding of monitoring in deciduous and spruce stands on the objects of final even-gradual, long-gradual and complex cuttings or 8-10 years period later after its conduction. Results were reconciled and approved by Forestry Committee of Vologda Region and would serve as stationary demonstration objects for workshops and training conduction, and primary data would serve for possible correction of the Recommendations for these kinds of cuttings.
6. Continuation of local forest monitoring conduction on the constant base which was organized in the zone of development of Lomonosov mineral deposit. Monitoring results are discussed with the specifier ( «Severoalmaz») with the purpose of possible correction of mining plans.
7. Conduction of workshops (Arkhangelsk, Samarkand-Uzbekistan) in the connection with completion of elaboration and publishing of “Guidance for sea buckthorn cultivation and harvesting”. 2007.
8. Preparation of educational guidance “Reforestation and thinning in young stnds” (R.V. Sungurov, G.A. Chibisov, N.R. Chibisova) for training of forestry specialists and for core universities.
9. For science-enlightening and advertising-informational purposes, booklet “NRIF Dendrological Garden” was published and several excursions were conducted.

Research results in a form of projects for normative documents are annually presented to Rosleskhoz and other customer. According to agreements between the institute and customer, the owner and administrator of the results of scientific products is customer. In this connection, the procedure of results introduction and experimental assay carried out on the institute`s initiative doesn`t have legal ground and financial support. Results of scientific elaborations, normative documents can be more actively introduced into production after their consideration and approval by Science and Engineering Board of Rosleskhoz and after compiling of experimental-production assay plans on these grounds and introduction in Rosleskhoz.

Results of science-technical elaborations, obtained in 2007 for experimental-production assay and introduction:
  • Forest taxation reference of north-eastern European part of RF,
  • Methods of multi-variant multiple-factor calculations for long-term forest exploitation
  • Recommendations for improvement of forest stands cuttings of different target purposes in the forests of the European North
  • Assortment of valuable woody plants for forestry use in the European North
  • Guidance for forest management in drained forests,
  • Database of objects of unified genetic-selection complex on the north of the European part of Russia.

For ordering data on experimental-representative and stationary research objects, FBI NRIF carried out inspection, possible inventory on locations of this fund starting from 1961. Their list consists of 161 points each of them includes several trail areas, sites, variants and replications.