Study Visit to Norrbotten, Sweden


Surina Elena has attended the study visit, Norrbotten (Luleå, Sweden). County Administrative Board of Norrbotten has arranged a study visit within the frames of the project International Cooperation in the Barents Region on Climate Change Mitigation. The study visit was held on 14-17 May 2017. Climate Change Mitigation-project is aiming for determining overall potential and opportunities for Climate Change Mitigation in the Barents Region, as well as main areas for cooperation. The project is funded by the NCM Arctic Programme and supported by the BEAC Working Group on Environment.

The project continues the work of Action Plan on Climate Change for the Barents cooperation, which was adopted by BEAC in 2013 and seeks to develop recommendations on formulating and implementing regional climate strategies. The project was launched by a workshop in Arkhangelsk on 14-15 March 2017.

On the 15 of May the participants have visited Administration of County Norrbotten, Lulea, also pulp and paper industry (Piteå), Bioeconomy and biobased liquid fuels. On the 16 of May the participants have visited Isolamin building/industry (Överkalix). The meeting on Kolarctic CBC project application took place at the end of the visit.